"DISSONANCE"      Work: Character modeling, shading and animation.     Client: Till Nowak      Watch the Trailer
Short, Feature, and Television films.

  "Vater Morgana"      Work: water replacement, additional water effects running down the submarine     Client: visual distractions
  "Pusteblume"      Shortfilm from Michael Carstens.     Work: Dandelion FX       Client: visual distractions
Feature Film
  "Antboy2"      Work: Modeling, shading and animation of the red Fury.     Client: visual distractions     Filmproduction: Nimbus Film Productions
  "Der alte Sack"      Work: Modeling, shading and animation. This scene is based on Walter Moers comicstrip about two ducks.
Antboy, revenge of the red Fury.
Nominated for best visual effects by the Danish Filmacademy 2015 (Robert Prisen).
  "The Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams"    Work: Various effects.     Client: visual distractions     Filmproduction: Scopas medien
Television Film
  "The flight before Christmas"      Work: Over 5 minutes of character animation and some FX.    Client: Pictorion Magma Animation